Alumni stories

Alumni story

Aung Myint

Master of Science (Public Health) in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences Class of 1999 Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University

Professor Dr. Aung Myint

is the retired Director General (Department of Traditional Medicine) and retired Rector (University of Traditional Medicine, Mandalay Myanmar)

Prof. AM: The subjects I want to study (Health Education and Behavioural Sciences) are available at the Faculty of Public Health of Mahidol University and the university as well as the faculty is well recommended by my seniors.
Prof. AM: The education as well as the experiences acquired during my study in Mahidol University is one of the best in our region. All the components of education, like visions, missions, curriculum, teachers and teaching environment are well set, well organized and working in harmony. For me, it is enriching, eye-opening and raised my self-confidence to a higher level to face the world and its challenges.
Prof. AM: My mind-set and skill-set are totally changed after studying in Mahidol University. Theory and practice on leadership and management are included in our curriculum and so I've got very good chances to prepare myself to become a leader of my profession. Those new skills and mind-set made me outstanding among colleagues and raised my career up till the Director General position.
Prof. AM: Just one day before my departure to my country after graduation, I went to the Department of Health Education and Behavioural Sciences at Fcaulty of Public Health to pay homage to my teachers and to say good-bye to them. My Professor and Head of the Department, Ajarn Vason, invited me to his office and behind the two layers of locked doors, he asked me never to misuse the knowledge and skills of Behavioural Sciences upon patients and weak ones; and to advocate the government (military) leaders to change towards the betterment of the country as Myanmar is sinking in a downwards spiral visibly. He told me that he had big trust on my knowledge, attitude and skills to do so. With tears in my eyes, I promised my teacher that I will try my best though it is a Herculean task. My teacher's trust on me to such an extent is definitely the most rewarding experience during my study at Mahidol University.
Prof. AM: It was the field trip to Kanchanaburi Province together with international students from MPH Class. We've got a chance to study the health care system of Thailand at different levels and to visit the bridge over the river Kwai, three pagodas pass, the anthropology museum, war cemetery and the Burmese border. All the experiences, at that time, were new, exciting, enriching and valuable. We are also very happy. The memories linger in my mind vividly up till now.
Prof. AM: I'm very fortunate to be a student there and my days in Mahidol University were one of my most unforgettable and life-changing days in my life. My eternal thanks my Alma Mata!

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