Faculty / Staff Scholarships to support the Faculty members

Scholarships to support the Faculty members

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Faculty of Graduate Studies aims at providing grants, funded by revenues from Faculty of Graduate Studies, for faculty members who are actively involved in graduate programs and wish to participate in research/academic presentations abroad, Fiscal Year B.E. 2019. Their criteria and procedures for application are as follows:

1. Applicant's Eligibility

  1. Applicant must be a lecturer of a graduate program for at least one (1) semester in a faculty/institute/college of Mahidol University or a university employee who works as an academic staff, acts in a researcher position, and has been a guest lecturer of a graduate program for at least 1 semester.
  2. Applicant has not been awarded a grant for research/academic presentations abroad from the Faculty of Graduate Studies for two (2) consecutive years prior to the planned presentation date.
  3. Applicant's name must appear as the first author or corresponding author in the abstract of the proposed research project, and the name of Mahidol University must be among the list of presenters' names.
  4. Applicant who applies for the grant must be a presenter. Whether oral or poster presentation, Mahidol University logo must appear in the presentation materials.
  5. If applicant can leverage funding from the Grant with other sources, the names of other funding sources should be identified in the GR.OR.1 Form for favorable review.

2. Types of Grant Allocations

In order to apply for a grant, applicant should ensure that research/academic presentation will be held in an internationally recognized and accepted academic seminar/conference that includes systematic peer review system, orderly registration process, and reliable schedule. The applicant should meet one of the following requirements;

  1. Invited speaker in an international conference/seminar
  2. Presenter in an oral presentation or a lecture
  3. Presenter in a poster presentation
  4. Other form(s) of presentation(s) shall be considered on case by case basis by the Grant Review Committee for Research/Academic Presentation Abroad for Faculty Members of Graduate Programs.

3. Grant allocations, based on continents and countries

Faculty of Graduate Studies allocates the grants in the form of 'partial funding' of the actual expenses not exceeding a certain amount as specified in the following tables.

Country/Continent Speaker/Oral Presentation
(Seminars/conferences with oral contribution & poster) 100%
Poster Presentation
(Seminars/conferences with poster only ) 75%
Poster Presentation
(Seminars/conferences with oral contribution & poster) 50%
1. Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong
BHT 12,000 BHT 9,00 BHT 6,000
2. India BHT 16,000 BHT 12,000 BHT 8,000
3. South Korea, China, Taiwan BHT 20,000 BHT 15,000 BHT 10,000
4. Japan BHT 24,000 BHT 18,000 BHT 12,000
5. Israel BHT 36,000 BHT 27,000 BHT 18,000
Australia BHT 28,000 BHT 21,000 BHT 14,000
Europe BHT 36,000 BHT 27,000 BHT 18,000
Africa/ America BHT 40,000 BHT 30,000 BHT 20,000

4. Application Submission Periods (Applications preceding or exceeding the stated periods shall not be considered.)

Rounds for Consideration (Monthly Basis) Deadlines for Application Submission Announcement for Grant Results Periods for Presentation (Starting from the date of departure from Thailand)
1. September 3 September  2018 28  September  2018 1-31 October  2018
2. October 1 October  2018 31  October  2018 1-30 November 2018
3. November 1 November 2018 30  November  2018 1-30  December  2018
4. December 3 December 2018 28 December  2018 1-31 January 2019
5. January 2 January 2019 31  January  2019 1-28 February 2019
6. February 1 February 2019 28  February  2019 1-31  March 2019
7. March 1 March 2019 29 March  2019 1-30  April  2019
8. April 1 April 2019 30  April  2019 1-31 May  2019
9. May 1 May  2019 31  May  2019 1-30 June  2019
10. June 3 June  2019 28  June  2019 1-31 July  2019
11. July 1 July  2019 30  July  2019 1-31 August  2019
12. August 1 August  2019 30  August  2019 1-30 September  2019

5. Application Requirements

  1. GR.OR.1 Application Form fully completed by applicant
  2. Letter of invitation as a speaker (In the case that applicant is invited as a speaker)
  3. Official letter of acceptance to the seminar/conference as a presenter of the proposed research project. (The grant approval shall be effective when applicant submits the official acceptance letter to the Review Committee.)
  4. A copy of applicant's abstract (Applicant's name shall rank First Author or Corresponding Author.)
  5. Schedule and details of the seminar/conference
  6. Document of estimated expenses, including airfare, registration fee, and accommodation
  7. A detailed budget with a list of other funding sources (if applicable)
  8. Registration documents (if applicable)
  9. Other related documents (if applicable).
  10. Applicant must submit the application form (GR.OR.1) to the Faculty of Graduate Studies via the Chair of the Graduate Program Administrative Committee and the Dean of the home faculty/institute/college, along with the required documents as stated in Article 5 within the deadlines stated in Article 4.

6. Grant Review Committee

  1. Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies   Chair
  2. Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies   Committee member
  3. Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies   Committee member
  4. Deputy Dean for Organization Research and Educational Innovation   Committee member and Secretary

7. Grant Selection Criteria

  1. Since there are many deserving applicants annually while funds are limited, in some cases, the actual amounts granted may be less than the full amount requested.
  2. The grant award results, determined by the Review Committee, shall be considered final.

8. Grant Award Procedure

  1. In order to access grant funding in compliance with the Faculty of Graduate Studies' policy and procedures, grant recipient is required to contact a designated officer at the Office of Organization Research and Educational Innovation Section not later than 10 days after the grant recipients have been announced. If not, grant will be cancelled.
  2. In the case that grant recipient changes the travel plans or wish to cancel the grant, the Faculty of Graduate Studies must be notified as soon as possible.

    Grant recipient is required to submit the summarized report of the presentation using GR.OR.2 Form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, along with boarding pass stubs and receipt of seminar/conference registration fee or proceedings, within 15 days upon return to Thailand.

9. Additional Information

Organization Research and Educational Innovation Section,
Tel. +66 2441 4125 ext 262

10. In case that any problems arising from this announcement, the Dean of the Graduate Studies shall review, and her deliberation is considered final.

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