Admission Consultation

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is pleased to help the prospective students for their admission in post-graduate programs of Mahidol University. Our admission consultation service provide a comprehensive information about admission either through email/instant messenger or via face-to-face consultation via online video conferencing platform.

Personalised consultation

The consultation will help the students through the entire university application process starting from program selection, admission requirements, knowledge and skill-set that you would like to acquire from post-graduate studies and information about study plan, etc. Based on the student’s interest, we will provide the tailored guidance.

admission consultation
admission consultation
admission consultation
admission consultation
admission consultation

Available services

We will provide you with our expert consultation service on

  • Program selection to suit your interest
  • Level of study (Master’s, Doctoral, MAP courses, Microcredentials)
  • Planning and Tips for admission
  • Admission requirement, study plan, language proficiency requirement
  • Tuition fees, payment option

The admission consultation will be available on pre-booking the service through the link

Note :
This service is for the consultation service meant for the topics mentioned above. For follow up the application, please contact or LINE ID : @946zzcot

LINE ID @946zzcot

For more inqueries & assistants, please call us or LINE Official @160ohrzm

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