Extension of GRID Courses Registration Period: 1st March – 29th April 2020 and 7th May – 29th June 2020

The Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University offers English classes to Graduate students of Mahidol University who are interested in taking English courses to comply with the English Proficiency Admission Standard from 1st March – 29th April 2020 and 7th May – 29th June 2020

Booking for GRID courses is until 13th January 2020 (Please complete the booking for the GRID Course via online E-registration by clicking the function on the left. Course Booking)

Course booking : Please kindly complete course booking for GRID Course by our online E-Registration function on the left Course Booking



The number of students in each class will be limited; however, the opening of the mentioned classes depends on the number of students who already registered and made a payment.

Registration fee

  • 2.1 GRID 530, GRID 531, GRID 532 and GRID 533: 4,000 Baht per credit (12,000 Baht per course)
  • 2.2 GRID 514, GRID 515, GRID 516 and GRID 517: 1,800 Baht per credit (5,400 Baht per course)

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