Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

  1. What are Cookies?

    Cookies are small-message files which is downloaded to computer equipment or your mobile equipment which save data and settings i.e., language-setting-data record and your current access status in order to help you continually access the website including history of your favorite websites/ services without any dangers from Cookies to your equipment, and the content from Cookies will be retrieved to be read by the service built by this Cookies only.

  2. Cookies Usage

    Faculty of Graduate Studies will use cookies for to record your visit to the website or to an application. This enables the faculty to memorize your visit through the website(s) easily, and these data will be taken for website development to facilitate your visit faster and more convenient. Likewise, the faculty must require the third party to run the process which requires IP Address and Cookies for statistical analysis through at data connection and assessment.

    Faculty Graduate Studies provides 2 following Cookies categories:

    1. Session Cookies Cookies is a temporary one that memorize your visit through the faculty’s website i.e., following your language settings and use. The date will be deleted from your computer or equipment after you log-out from the website or close the browsers.

    2. Persistent Cookie is the one that is set for the specified period of time or till you delete it. These Cookies enable the faculty’s website to memorize your settings conveniently and rapidly when you come back for services through the website.

  3. Objectives for Cookies Use

    1. Strict Necessary Cookies
      Necessary Cookies are required for the effective operation of a website. They help ensure the website’s basic functionality and security.

    2. Performance Cookies
      Analytics Cookies or Performance Cookies are used solely for statistical purposes. Analytics Cookies allow us to measure the number of visitors, how they use it, and how well it performs. Analytic Cookies will allow us to improve the university’s website.

    3. Functional Cookies
      This type of Cookies enables Faculty of Graduate Studies to memorize options you have set and help the website generate qualifications and additional information relating to your use i.e., memorizing your account name, the front setting, or any settings of the page you can adjust. Turning off these Cookies can affect the website to work imperfectly.

  4. How can you deal with Cookies?

    Most browsers offer settings to accept Cookies as a basic; however, you can Deny or delete the use of Cookies from the setting page of your browser that you use. If you change the setting, your browser may affect the format and the use of your website. Should you prefer to change to change setting, you can check more information from the following link:

    Android (Chrome)
    Apple Safari
    Google Chrome
    Microsoft Edge
    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Mozilla Firefox
    iPhone or iPad (Chrome)
    iPhone or iPad (Safari)

    Please note that if you turn off the Cookies on your browser or equipment, it may affect some parts of the faculty’s system which cannot provide services or functions regularly. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will not be responsible for any case related to the website including contents from each website mentioned above.

  5. Linking Information with Other Website

    The website of the faculty may link with other websites or social media of including embedding contents or videos from social media i.e., YouTube or Facebook which allows you to access and interact with others via social media from the faculty’s website. Website(s) or social media from outsiders will be set up, and so will Cookies setting which the faculty itself cannot control or be responsible for. It is recommended to read and study the policy or Cookies use Announcement of those outsiders’ Cookies.

  6. Updates to the Privacy Policy

    Faculty of Graduate Studies may update or correct the privacy policy without any notifications under the safety policy of Mahidol University. As such, the Faculty of Graduate Studies would like to recommend the user to read and study the privacy policy before you visit all times including visiting the faculty’s website for service(s).

  7. Compliance with the Privacy Policy and contact with the Faculty of Graduate Studies

    In case that you have any inquires, comments, or recommendations about the privacy policy, personal information, or the compliance with this privacy policy document, the Faculty of Graduate Studies is pleased to answer any questions and accept any comments or recommendations which are considered as beneficial for further development. You can contact the faculty from the following address:

    Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University
    25/25 Moo. 5, Faculty of Graduate Studies Building, Mahidol University
    Salaya, Phuttamonthon District, Nakhon Pathom Province
    Telphone: 0 2441 4125
    Email :
    Website :

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