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Graduate Student Volunteer Camp to a School and Community in Suanpueng, Ratchaburi.

From 14th-16th June 2019, Graduate Student Organization together with Faculty of Graduate Studies organized the project titled "Graduate Student Volunteer Camp to a School and Community in Suanpueng, Ratchaburi" under Leaderships and Management Skills. Assistant Professor Dr. Sorachai Srisuma, Deputy Dean for Student's Skill Development, opened the event together with graduate student activity advisors (Assistant Professor Somsri Daochai, Assistant Professor Dr. Damrongkiet Arthan, Assistant Professor Dr. Watjanan Matithanon, and Assistant Professor Dr. Thanapon Rungrueang). The project was organized at Thamakam School and a community around the school. Graduate students volunteered in several activities, such as providing knowledge about parasites, Anatomy, and basic sanitation, providing knowledge of how to create a water filter, providing medical examination, and setting up recreation activities and games. The graduate students also learned the lifestyle and the culture of people in the community. The objective of the event was to promote relationships among graduate students, students, and people in the community.

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