Asean Studies for Sustainable Development

Overview of the program

In celebration of Thailand's Presidency of ASEAN in 2019, Mahidol University launches a new international interdisciplinary M.A. program on ASEAN Studies for Sustainable Development (MASD). Drawing on Mahidol University's strength in social sciences as well as its collaboration with regional and international experts in public and private sectors, MASD offers international and multicultural learning environment for practitioners, new graduates, and general public who wish to understand and catch up with the current dynamism of ASEAN+6, or to work and live in this growing region.

Course detail

Advantages of the program

01. Multidisciplinary approach - can select research project from diverse fields of studies such as education, economy, environmental issues, culture, health system, renewable energy, development, human trafficking, human rights, etc

02. Practical concept in developmental field with background concept of ASEAN

03. Expert lecturers from ASEAN countries

04. Some courses offering in evening and on Saturday and Sunday

05. Courses can be taken as certificate courses with specific credit hours. This credit hours can be accumulated for later use to earn the degree.

Research projects in the following area:

Health System

Human Rights

Human Trafficking



Environmental Issues

Renewable Energy



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